This is an aggregate for blogs in which male chastity and orgasm denial are the main focus. These links will cover a range of interests, from vanilla teasing, to long-term denial, to CBT, to piercings. And of course, chastity devices.

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  • The Seriousness - So, um, yeah… not really sure how to approach this subject on a sex/chastity/orgasm denial blog, but I promised to be real and talk about everything, so…. ...
    1 hour ago
  • On Display - Everyone started arriving for the party and I noticed one thing in the people you’d invited. They were all women. You’d had presented the party as an aft...
    2 hours ago
  • L’Amour Premium Silicone Massagers – Seductions - Basics Silicone Waterproof Twin Motors Reasonably Quiet Review The L’Amour Premium Silicone Massager has quickly become my new favorite vibrator. It look...
    1 month ago

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Welcome to Keyheld: Chastity resources for lovers

Keyheld was created as a place where people who were new to the ideas of chastity, orgasm control, and tease & denial could look for information. While information on these interests is all over the internet, much of it isn't very helpful. Keyheld is a link aggregate to the best of those resources, especially blogs by regular people who have been enjoying chastity, OC, OD, T&D, etc., in the context of loving, committed relationships.