This is an aggregate for blogs in which male chastity and orgasm denial are the main focus. These links will cover a range of interests, from vanilla teasing, to long-term denial, to CBT, to piercings. And of course, chastity devices.

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  • Kinky Gift Exchange - Last night was our “Christmas Munch” better known as the munch where we do a White Elephant style kinky gift exchange. The whole idea is for each person at...
    15 hours ago
  • We Can Try - I’ve been trying to keep Lion hydrated and fed. The hydration part is easier. He still feels nauseous so eating is not easy for him. We’ve been eating fa...
    16 hours ago
  • Collars - Collars are interesting – interesting in that they initially seem pretty light-handed in their usefulness, but then you find out that the symbolism combine...
    1 week ago
  • So you want her to lock you up? - I started this blog a month or two ago and the single biggest question is from guys asking how they can get their girlfriends or wives to lock them up. I d...
    1 week ago
  • No is a Difficult Word - No I find this is one of the most difficult words to use regularly. It doesn’t matter what the scenario is: it could be to myself buying a new “toy”; at ...
    4 weeks ago

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Welcome to Keyheld: Chastity resources for lovers

Keyheld was created as a place where people who were new to the ideas of chastity, orgasm control, and tease & denial could look for information. While information on these interests is all over the internet, much of it isn't very helpful. Keyheld is a link aggregate to the best of those resources, especially blogs by regular people who have been enjoying chastity, OC, OD, T&D, etc., in the context of loving, committed relationships.