This is an aggregate for blogs in which male chastity and orgasm denial are the main focus. These links will cover a range of interests, from vanilla teasing, to long-term denial, to CBT, to piercings. And of course, chastity devices.

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  • FPF – Tired of Seeing Steel Yet? - Just in case it’s no… One of the things about chastity toys and devices and how you approach it is that it’s so different person-to-person – or at least yo...
    6 hours ago
  • Weekend Release - I spent a couple of days working some odd hours, which gave me some time to hang out at home by myself during the morning. While ML was at work, she made s...
    1 week ago
  • I’m Late to the Party - I tweeted the other day about not writing regularly here on Minxy & caged, and I realised that it is almost the end of January & I am yet to write a blog...
    3 weeks ago

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About Keyheld

Keyheld was created as a place where people who were new to the ideas of chastity and orgasm control could look for information.

Yes, information on this is all over the internet, but much of it isn't very helpful. Keyheld is a link aggregate to the best of those resources, especially blogs by regular people who have been enjoying chastity and OC/OD in the context of loving, committed relationships.

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